Explore. Experience. Contribute To the World of Music

Music Discovery Center

MDC is an emerging Kitsap County resource designed to create an inclusive space for community members to experience, explore, and contribute to the world of music through education, performance,
and mentorship.

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“I started imagining this whole different world.
It was a society of musicians, a family I hoped I could belong 
to one day.” 
— Quincy Jones

Learn / Teach

MDC provides a connection to the society of musicians Quincy Jones speaks to here. We connect eager to learn students of any age to professional mentors excited to help them learn, perform, and create music.

MDC is also a hub – a centralized space – for local artists seeking connection, artist development opportunities, and access to master class offerings.

We seek teachers who love music and have a heart for guiding & instructing students along their musical-discovery journeys. We seek volunteers willing to stand with us in creating something unique for our community, and we seek donors desiring to sponsor children who want to learn but are unable to pay for classes.

Community Events

When COVID-19 guidelines permit, MDC will resume plans for live-music events in Kitsap County.

Community members will have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful performances while local artists and students hone their performance skill sets.

Forming a volunteer community band,  providing concerts, and organized group classes will provide residents with opportunities to take part in this unique resource offering.

If you’d like to learn more or make a donation to MDC community programs, please use the form below to contact us.


Just as the strength of the whole is greater than the strength of its individual parts, volunteers contribute significantly to MDC’s ability to provide community programs and services.

Volunteers serving as music teachers, community outreach members, event hosts, and other volunteer service roles make the work of building this music-community-resource possible.

If you have a heart for music, supporting your community, or creating life-changing opportunities in a child’s life, please use the contact form below to let us know your area of interest.


The Inspiration
Quincy Jones is an American record producer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, composer, arranger, and film and television producer. His multi-award-winning career spans over 60 years. A lesser-known truth about this world-renowned icon is 
that Quincy first discovered music as a Bremerton, Washington youth. 


“I touched it (a piano), and every cell in my body said this is what you’re going to do for the rest of your life.” Quincy Jones

Inspired by Quincy’s discovery of music and the tremendous career that followed, MDC provides educational and experiential exposure to the world of music. 
We exist to create individual and communal access to music creation and the enjoyment it breathes into our lives.

Regardless of age, ethnicity, social, or economic boundaries, we help others encounter their awakening to music discovery.


Discover. Experience. Explore. Find Your Place In The World of Music!


All About MDC

Let’s Create



Let's Grow Together

MDC is a grassroots community service organization in the early stages of development. Not all programs are online, but we have a clear vision of MDC’s classes and programs for Kitsap County. With your help, we’ll get there!

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Opportunities to Learn

Private music instruction, mentorship,
master classes, group sessions, workshops & more are on the horizon. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive information and updates.

Teaching / Sharing Your Talent

We invite teachers and mentors to join MDC’s rooster. If you are interested in teaching and encouraging others to develop their musical abilities, please share your contact information below.


MDC looks forward to open-air concerts, community bands, drumming circles in the park, and musical exploration for adventurers of all ages. Many of these activities are not possible with COVID, but we know this too will past. Sign-up below so that you’ll be one of first to know about upcoming events and discoveries! 

Donate & Sponsor-A-Child

Music Discovery Center is private non-profit. Our provision of community services is contingent upon the generosity of Kitsap County residents – just like you. Please consider making a donation today or joining as a monthly sponsor for a low-income child. We appreciate your partnership in creating something wonderful in the lives of others!

Our Mission
To create an inclusive space for community members to experience, explore, and contribute to the world of music through education, performance, and mentorship.


MDC Board of Directors
Steve Rice – President
Derick Polk – Vice President,
Francesco Crosara – Vice President,
Matt Olson- Treasurer
Miranda Fort – Secretary
Eugenie Jones
Dean Kelly
Mike Barnet
Charles Henderson
Harriette Bryant
Redge Campbell
Jean Lenke
Jon Green
Brian Hodges
Glenn Young




Our Core Values
We value honesty and conduct ourselves with integrity.

We encourage enthusiasm, bravery, and inquisitiveness.

We welcome all explorers of music in the spirit of diversity,
equity, and inclusion.

We empower free expression and creativity.

We value open communication, demonstrating compassion,
and seeking understanding.

We recognize everyone has value and insist that we treat each other with dignity, kindness, and respect.

We support community institutions and seek strong collaborative partnerships.

We are a team striving for excellence and achieving together that which we could never do alone.


There are lots of ways for you to join us, including:

–  subscribing to the MDC Newsletter;

 – sending a message if you’re interested in teaching or 

 – sending a message if you’d like to become a student

 – donating to support community programs

 – becoming a monthly sponsor for a low-income child

 – becoming a social influencer – sharing/liking
   our Facebook page



Thank You!

Please sign-up here for our quarterly newsletter, if you’re interested in attending a class or becoming an instructor.

Thank you for also making donations here to sponsor a child’s lessons!
Please click here to Make-A-Difference 🙂 

Please sign-up here for our quarterly newsletter, if you’re interested in attending a class or becoming an instructor.

Thank you for also making donations here to sponsor a child’s lessons!
Please click here to Make-A-Difference

MDC invites you to help us spread the word!
Who we are, what we do, how others can help is a message we’re eager to share,
and we invite all you social influencers out there to partner with us in spreading that message.
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