MDC is excited to introduce in 2024 our most impactful mission program ever. Music offerings – band, orchestra and choir – have declined across almost every school and school district due to budget pressure, growth of STEM programs, and the impacts of the Covid epidemic. So, MDC board members, music colleagues and volunteers are coming together to offer instruments, music mentoring and teaching support to all 5th graders in Kitsap County whether they are currently involved in music, or they wish to be and their families need support. Why? 5th grade is the key moment in a child’s life where they can begin to benefit from singing or playing an instrument, and we don’t want them to miss out.


MDC is in its third year bringing continuous, hands-on introductory music exploration experiences for 2nd – 8th grade students at Bremerton’s Catalyst Public School. MDC’s presence is aimed to capture the hearts and minds of young people to adopt a creative skill during their formative years, because we know music provides parallel benefits in developing focus, confidence and teamwork, and strengthens learning in other class areas.


MDC provides scholarship support for teens and young adults to digital sound engineering programs at several studios in West Sound though DocLuvTheKids (, a community-building nonprofit led by MDC Board Advisor Julius “Doc” Blackwell. Attendees explore and practice studio skills such as beat creation, mixing and production, videography and graphics, and leave the program with a marketable product they can shop and sell. MDC’s support also provides laptops for students in greater need, which they use for school as well as for music creation.

MUSIC IN A BOX – Instrument Re-Gifting Program

First introduced as a partnership with a Leadership Kitsap Team in 2022, MDC’s year-round instrument drive collects, refurbishes and gifts quality musical instruments to underserved Kitsap youth through school settings. When presented with their shiny new-to-them instrument, students are told by an MDC board member, “This is yours for life.”


MDC stages West Sound’s version of Make Music Day featuring professional, semi-professional and amateur performers, open to the public at no cost in Bremerton’s Quincy Square in front of The Roxy Theater. Make Music Day happens every year in towns and cities around the world on or about June 21st. Bring your folding chair and dig sounds from an array of great local=talent who love the opportunity to perform outside to a live audience!


MDC produces, stages and co-hosts this ongoing performance and open-mic project at Coffee Oasis locations up and down West Sound. These events bring a headliner professional musician together with young adults who are trying to build direction, purpose and acceptance in their lives. The opportunity to be on stage together boosts confidence and offers a safe place for self-expression.